Oct 29

So you have decided to buy a new car. You are excited, your family is elated. Nobody can wait to climb into that fresh shiny vehicle for the first time. But first comes the hard part. How are you going to finance your new set of wheels. A consumer car loan takes the headache out of purchasing your ride. Offering immediate ownership to you plus flexible payment terms driving forward.


Set benefits firing on all cylinders with a consumer car loan

Consumer car loans make purchasing your vehicle a straightforward pleasure. Tailored specifically for personal car loan purchase, your lender will advance you up to 100 per cent finance. Essentially a consumer loan enables your lender to hold security against your car. Meanwhile you enjoy instant ownership and use of that great new ride. Once your finance term draws to a close and all payments are made, the car is yours.


Your consumer car loan grants you greater freedom. You can pay out the loan at any time you like. Want to sell the car during the course of your consumer loan? Ownership sits in your name you can do so at your leisure.


Sound good so far? Consumer car loans bring additional benefits like:


  • Loan availability for private, dealership or car yard sales
  • Lower interest rates due to your car being secured by loan
  • Structured repayments to avoid unpleasant financial surprises
  • Balloon options to reduce monthly repayments
  • Choice of deposit payment plus fixed or variable interest rates


Drive a smooth financial road with consumer car loans

You drive your consumer car loan. Seasoned brokers like Natloans help you structure ‘best fit’ finance for your personal circumstances. Ensuring you achieve the best possible terms and cost efficient loan. So you can enjoy your new ride knowing you are not veering off course from smart cash flow management.

Financial clarity with an expert broker

Sep 04

Does the thought of taking out finance just chill you to the core? Leave you confused, unsettled and looking for an out? There is no doubt obtaining finance can be a daunting prospect. With some lenders promising big and delivering small it is easy to feel overwhelmed. So if you are planning to plunge into the property market or re-finance some vital business equipment there is an easier way. Let a financial broker take the worry out of securing finance for your next acquisition.

Specialist finance brokers for specialised service

Engaging a broker ensures you the perfect finance solution. Whether you are risk-adverse or just financially savvy, a broker is the smart answer. Skilled brokers take the time to understand your financial position and circumstances. Plus they understand the market, including the associated pitfalls and adherent risks. So you will be steered away from high risk options and incompatible lending criteria. At the same time, you’ll be presented only with the ideal loan for your financial position.

With the right broker you could join the many Australians breathing easy about their financial position. But remember, loans are not all created equal and neither are all finance brokers. So enlist Australia’s most trusted broker. Awarded Best Vehicle and Equipment Finance Broker for the third year in a row, Natloans is your first choice. With Natloans you are guaranteed a tailored solution that fits you perfectly. Plus Natloans offers:

  •  Access to Australia’s most reputable lenders
  •  Complete market independence so you get the best result
  •  Easy online application and approvals process
  •  Competitive loan solutions from a panel of 40+ lenders
  •  Truly personalised service

Natloans will broker you the best deal

Natloans ensures you a trouble-free journey to obtaining finance. They garner you valuable time savings and speedy approvals. So you have little to fear when securing finance. Speak to a Natloans broker about your aspirations today. Or jump online to ascertain your borrowing power and compare loan products.

Quality finance quick: how brokers get you there

May 16

Finance brokers save you two valuable commodities that we could all do with more of: time and money. Essentially finance brokers are your complete toolkit to ‘ideal for purpose’ loan solutions. Veteran finance brokers like Natloans can hand you loan pre-approval within 10 minutes. So you can enjoy cash buyer bargaining power and some of Australia’s most competitive rates. Not to mention acquisition of your desired asset in record time.

Brokers are pivotal to your ‘find finance’ formula

Finding the right finance demands intensive research. Trawling through myriad finance options online and trekking around different lenders. Borrowing savvy is also a must otherwise you risk settling for an option with hidden fees and costs. But finance brokers dispense with the arduous leg-work and potential risks. Instead you can claim instant access to:

  • Free needs analysis and loan assessment
  • Trusted lenders of all types across Australia
  • Expertly sourced finance solutions based on your individual circumstances
  • Top loan rates and flexible finance structures
  • Independent market expertise
  • Dependable online finance tools to expedite your research

You see finance brokers know the lending market inside out. Because they work in this industry every day. That means the right finance brokers are fully abreast of new and high performing lenders, products and solutions. Plus they have the specialist know-how to quickly pin point the best loan for your particular circumstances. So working with reputable finance brokers saves you time, money and effort. Right alongside peace of mind that your new asset has been acquired with premium finance.

Australia’s award winning finance brokers

When you want top finance, work with a top broker. Natloans is Australia’s best vehicle and equipment finance broker for 2010 and 2011. They’ve earned these accolades through a tireless commitment to:

  • Individualised service
  • Easy loan applications
  • Rapid pre-approvals
  • Quality range of lenders
  • Diverse finance solutions

Natloans finance brokers can clinch you the most competitive rates, flexible terms and best fitting finance. And they can do so quickly. So leave the hard work to Natloans while you pour your energies into your life or business.

Truck loans power your new venture for the long haul

Dec 07

New venture needing a new truck? No problem. If your fledgling business has heavy haulage needs rest assured there is a truck loan solution to match. Certainly trucks are amongst the heftiest commercial expenses. But the accelerated mobilisation of business capabilities that they drive make trucks a must have. Even if you are simply purchasing your very first rig. You have several finance options available to bring your new truck on board, including:

  • Commercial hire purchase – no deposit requirement, the certainty of fixed rates and flexible terms make this solution very cash viable
  • Chattel mortgage – instantly take title of your truck while leveraging 100 per cent finance
  • Operating lease – fixed monthly payments clinch your new, second hand or upgraded truck
  • Novated lease – flexible leasing terms and tax benefits are yours alongside instant ownership of your truck
  • Finance lease – make no upfront cash outlay and enjoy fully tax deductible finance while putting your truck to work right away
  • Sale and lease back – keep crucial business capital liquid while getting the truck you need for growth and competitive edge
  • Small ticket truck finance – mobilise your new business or self- employed venture with a truck loan as little as $1000

Rev up your new business engine with the right truck loan

Launching your new business venture is a bold move. It can also be a financially demanding time. So throwing a truck loan into the mix can leave you feeling stretched. Yet you needn’t struggle to acquire your new truck – all you need is the right financial backing. Leading vehicle finance brokers like Natloans ensure you get just that. Working with a truck finance broker fast-tracks your acquisition ambitions through:

  • Instant access to top Australian truck lenders and loan solutions
  • Customised repayment schedules to fit your cash flow
  • Taxation benefits so your truck earns you greater returns
  • Minimal cash outlay so you can pour capital into other important business areas
  • Competitive truck loan rates starting from 7.25%*

Your truck loan approval could be just minutes away

Competition is rife. So understandably you are eager to bring your new truck on board and put it to work. Truck finance need not delay your plans. In fact, you can apply for your truck loan anytime 24/7 using Natloans’ easy online application. What’s more, you could have pre-approval within minutes. So you can enter purchase price negotiations with your truck vendor carrying cash buyer bargaining power. Just another way in which engaging a reputable truck finance broker can pay dividends.

Spend summer deckside with the right boat loan

Nov 21

Cruiser, trailer even jet ski. Dealership, auction or private vendor. The right boat loan gives you freedom to sail your way into summer. Has finance has been sinking the sun on your boat ownership dreams? It is easier than you think to seize summer days on deck your own craft. There is a boat loan to match your needs, lifestyle and dream vessel. So you can clinch that boat with minimal outlay, affordable repayments and no risk of landing on the financial rocks.

Natloans gives your boat premium financial moorings

Boats are a big investment. Yet the lifestyle, entertainment and leisure options they offer are the ultimate pay off. You’ll likely be surprised at how easy it is to float into boat ownership. All you need is the right financial mooring. And experienced boat loan specialists, Natloans know just what solution you need.

Natloans unique individualised service has earned them National awards, premium Australian lender networks and influential market position. Expect Natloans to work on your behalf to secure your best fit boat loan. With absolute professionalism independence, these boat finance brokers are free to source through any lender they like. So the boat loan solution you’re presented with offers top rates, terms and structure for you.

Your Natloans boat loan keeps your financial moorings secure with added benefits like:

  • Top Australian interest rates from as little as 8.49%
  • Optimum cost efficiency with zero monthly fees or additional repayment penalties
  • Fixed boat loan rates and repayments for budgeting ease
  • Flexible finance terms that keep you captain of your desired lifestyle
  • Boat loan options for dealership, auction or private transactions
  • Your choice of new or used boats
  • Balloon payment option to lower your boat loan repayments

Speed safely towards your personalised bike loan

Got a need for speed? Natloans boat loan approval process is sure to satisfy. With just one call to these award winning vehicle finance brokers you will access hundreds of Australia’s premium lenders. And impartial specialist advice to help you clinch the right finance for your ride. In fact you could have a pre-approved bike loan in just 10 minutes. Because Natloans easy online application makes you a cash buyer in record time.

Truck insurance keeps your finances roadworthy

Nov 19

You wouldn’t hit the road in your rig with an empty petrol tank. So why run your financial liabilities on empty? Without comprehensive truck insurance that is exactly what you are doing. Your truck demands meticulous maintenance to operate safely and at full throttle. Likewise your finances need the right fuel to remain in tip top condition. And truck insurance is the good oil in protecting your income stability.

Steer round the unexpected with truck insurance

Chances are you and your truck will enjoy a smooth easy road as you go about business. Yet the unexpected could jackknife your financial security in an instant. You share the road with many other vehicles and drivers. Even off the road, your truck experiences some level of exposure. So truck insurance lets you drive easy knowing that you have unforeseen, even unlikely, events covered. The alternative? If your truck sustains or causes damage, you could be held financially responsible. That means debt, hardship and straitened cash flow – all detrimental to your business endeavours.

There are many truck insurance options for you to choose from, including:

  • Full comprehensive truck insurance : end to end cover against loss, damage or accidental damage to another’s property caused by your truck
  • Third party fire and theft insurance: souped up cover against vandalism, theft or engine failure fire
  • Third party insurance : basic cover against compensation demands for accidental damage caused to by your truck to another’s property
  • Shortfall or ‘gap’ insurance : financial cover in the event your truck becomes a ‘write off’ leaving a consequent shortfall on your truck loan balance
  • Loan protection insurance : ensures you don’t default on your truck loan repayments should you pass away or experience changes in your health or employment status
  • Cash benefit insurance: covers your costs of replacing a written off truck should your insurance payout fall short
  • Extended warranty insurance: should unforeseen mechanical breakdown strike any insured part of your truck, this solution covers associated repair costs

Tee up top notch truck insurance

You just want to get on with business. And while insurance sounds important you’re not sure where to start. There is an easy road. Work with a trusted broker like Natloans who place some of Australia’s top truck insurance solutions at your fingertips. Natloans assesses your truck insurance needs on an individual basis. So you will never get a one size fits all approach and certainly will not end up paying for unnecessary cover. Instead you will drive a direct route to optimum insurance protection for yourself and your truck. Road transport without risk – now that is what true trucking is all about.

A loan to realise your bike ownership dreams

Oct 02

Finally the days are getting longer.  The warmer months are here and so too is the desire to get outdoors. And what better way to enjoy the open air than on your new motorbike.  You too could be sunning up not only the lifestyle, but the financial benefits of owning a bike. Your interest will no longer be on the price at the pump. But on where to explore this weekend.  So don’t let finance reservations stall your bike ownership aspirations.  With no hefty upfront outlay there are bike loan options to armour you in style.

Set your two wheels firmly on the road with the right bike loan

Every motorbike and its rider are unique.  Those enticed by road bikes or cruisers will have different needs than those more partial to an off-roader. So ride easy. There are bike loan options that cater to these differences and more.  Even if your bike is pre-loved, purchased privately or through a dealer. Your bike loan will be customised to meet your situation.  Coupled with these fine bike loan features:

  • Competitive rates from as low as 8.49%
  • No monthly fees
  • Flexible loan terms up to five years
  • Fixed repayment amounts to help with budgeting
  • Loan protection options available in your bike loan
  • Leasing options available for those entitled to salary packaging benefits
  • Flexible repayment options including monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

Unsecured and secured bike loan options are also available. With competitive interest rates for those happy to use their bike as security against their loan. Or the benefits of flexibility for those attracted to an unsecured loan.  So you can ride your way.

Loans for bike enthusiast who are interested in a speedy result

Don’t put off your biking desires any longer.  With Natloans you will have access to hundreds of the best bike loan solutions available in Australia.  As an award winning broker, they pride themselves on their quick and easy application process. Within 10 minutes you could have the green light on your bike dreams. With the added benefit of a tailored comprehensive insurance quote for your new bike.  Natloans really is your one stop bike loan solution.

The real low down on alluring car interest rates

Sep 29

Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting prospect.  Whether it is to upgrade your tired old family van.  Or to finally nail that sports ute you have had your eye on. There is a great deal of options to consider.  And not just tinted windows or mag wheels, but financing choices for your new car. One thing for certain is there are a multitude of tempting finance offers available.  Not to mention a wealth of car dealers offering incredibly low interest rates. But don’t be tempted to take any deal at face value.  Often a boot-load of hidden fees or costs are encompassed within these ‘too good to be true’ deals.  Making a seemingly irresistible deal ultimately a regretful burden.

Lower interest rates can drive higher financial obligations

Like any industry, there are both reputable and less genuine car dealerships operating. Let’s not forget these are businesses.  With their spotlight focused exclusively on their own bottom line. So no offer would be made if it was not to turn a profit.  This includes those oh so attractive low interest rate car deals. So exercise care and be mindful of what is being lost for these interest rate gains.  In order to offer you such enticing low rates, car dealers often:

  • Offer limited flexibility on sale price to recoup any loss
  • Under-cut your trade-in vehicle’s value so you get below realistic market price
  • Use these subsidised rates to move obsolete models or excess stock
  • Offer finance terms with payout penalties included to ensure the dealership keeps its desired profit margins

Competitive interest rates are an important consideration in your car finance.  But they are only one part of the big picture. Ensure you are not tantalised by low interest rates alone. There are other car finance options that could provide you with greater savings. You may find it is more beneficial to negotiate a lower car purchase price. Coupled with a slightly higher interest rate. Such options could open doors on additional savings like lower fringe benefits tax.

A car finance package that ticks all the boxes

No need for the joy to be taken out of your car purchase. Experienced finance brokers Natloans put the brakes on potential loan hazards. They will ensure you are steered clear of dubious low interest rate deals.  Instead, Natloans has access to some of Australia’s most competitive car loan interest rates. Plus they show total independence when recommending a loan to fit your circumstances. Winner of Best Vehicle and Equipment Finance Broker for 2010 and 2011.  Natloans never glosses over the small print. So you can be assured you will have the best car finance deal available.

Car insurance means you’re never beaten by a bingle

Aug 13

Imagine…you are relishing your very own set of wheels when ‘wham’. You and your vehicle are sideswiped by the unexpected. Perhaps you unintentionally cause damage to another car or person. Maybe your car is written off leaving you to worry about paying the shortfall between your auto loan and the insurance payout. Heaven forbid, your car may even fall victim to arson, theft, flood or vandalism. Whatever the situation one factor is always at risk – your financial position. Car insurance is the difference between a quickly conquerable set-back and financial despair.  In a nutshell: if you own a car you should hold insurance.

You can’t beat the value of car insurance

Can you live without car insurance? Yes. Should you live without car insurance? Absolutely not. You just never know what you are going to encounter further down the road. So while you may have enjoyed a smooth uneventful ride to date don’t take this fortune for granted. Unforeseen hazards or happenings could be just around the next bend. And it pays to have yourself, your loved ones, your car and finances covered against such risks.

Your precise level of necessary cover is entirely personal. Depending on such factors as your budget, your car, nature of your travel and much more. But there are numerous insurance options out there to ensure you  are protected from go to whoa, including:

Full comprehensive car insurance : end to end cover against loss, damage or accidental damage to another’s property caused by your vehicle 

Third party fire and theft insurance: premium protection against vandalism, theft or engine failure fire

Third party insurance : basic cover against compensation demands for accidental damage caused to someone else’s property by your automobile

Shortfall or ‘gap’ insurance : bridging the gap between your outstanding car loan balance and insurance payout should your wheels be declared a write-off

Loan protection  insurance : cover to meet your car loan repayments should you experience changes in your health, employment or in the event of your passing

Cash benefit insurance:  is a shortfall in your insurance payout preventing you from buying a new car? Not with this solution which covers your costs of replacing a written off car in the event of such a shortfall 

Extended warranty insurance: covers associated repair cost should any insured part of your car suffer unforeseen mechanical breakdown

Meet your all-in-one pitstop for personalised car insurance

Certainly you want to the multi-faceted protection offered by car insurance. But you don’t want unnecessary cover or overly hefty insurance costs. Pair yourself with car insurance matched to your individual needs by speaking to Natloans. As experienced highly networked insurance brokers, Natloans quickly secures you top car insurance solutions. In fact, you can get a car insurance quote online right now.

Acquire your coveted asset with Australia’s top loan interest rates

Aug 11

Australian loan interest rates have dropped recently. Reserve Bank Australia (RBA) has made two significant cuts to its official lending rate. Benefiting all borrowers, whether personal or business. So now the market is ripe to acquire that new asset, no matter what it is. Australian interest rate drops apply across all manner of loans including:

Buttoning down best interest rates on Australian loans

Interest rates determine how much your loan will ultimately cost you. Current conditions make for optimum borrowing. But at the same time, ‘borrower beware’.  Australian loan interest rates are not created equal. Making the right choice in loan and associated interests rates can save you a bundle. Yet wading through the multitude of different interest rates on myriad loan products can cost you plenty in time, stress and inconvenience.

So what’s quickest way to secure Australia’s best interest rates on the specific loan type you require? Consult established finance brokers like Natloans. These specialists make it simple to compare interest rates across different loan solutions. In fact, Natloans will do all this legwork for you. Presenting you swiftly and objectively with the loan and interest rates that hand you the most cost-effective achievement of your goals.  Plus Natloans will show you plenty of other ways you can save money on your finance too.

Calculate competitive interest rates on your loan

Prefer to do the math yourself? You can compare Australian loan interest rates without even leaving home. Simply put Natloans free online loan comparison calculator to work. At a glance you will see projected monthly repayments and interest rates that apply to different loans. Helping you make an informed decision about which finance solution best suits your needs. Plus how you can take optimum advantage of the current prime borrowing market.