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Operating Lease

An Australian operating lease keeps your business moving and gets your updated fleet on the road sooner. You can acquire both new and second hand vehicles over $10k with an operating lease. Better still you can put your new vehicle to work immediately without hefty upfront capital outlay. Here is how it works:

  • You enter into a lease with your finance broker
  • For one easy monthly payment you have instant access to your chosen vehicle
  • Ownership resides with your broker for the duration of the lease
  • When your operating lease ends (the standard lease term is 5 years) you have the option to purchase, extend, upgrade or hand your vehicle back without any residual.

The right operating lease mobilises your business with access to a variety of vehicles. Trucks,  passenger, light or heavy commercial vehicles – all can be part of your fleet with an operating lease in place.

Benefits of operating lease

  • Fixed interest rate for the full term of the operating lease
  • Fixed monthly lease repayments
  • Operating lease is not recorded on the balance sheet
  • No liability for the asset
  • Operating lease doesn’t appear as a liability
  • Operating lease repayments appear as an operating expense against the company’s income.

Would you like one of our specialist consultants to give you some advice on an operating lease? Call 1300 955 791 to speak to one of our helpful team. Alternatively you can fill out our online application and receive an answer within 10 minutes.

Operating leases fall into two categories:

Fully maintained operating lease

A fully maintained operating lease enables a company to continue their daily operations with all fleet maintenance and operating costs covered.  This includes registration, repairs, toll and fine management, fuel, tyres and servicing.  What does it all mean? Your internal operations are minimally effected.

What assets can be leased in a fully maintained operating lease?

A fully maintained operating lease gives you the flexibility to lease:

  • New and/or used motor vehicles
  • Vans and utes
  • Light and heavy commercial vehicles

The only requirement is that the vehicle’s worth be more than $10,000 at the commencement of the fully maintained operating lease.

Fully maintained operating lease term

We have fully maintained operating leases from 1 to 5 years. At the end of the lease term you can opt to extend this.

Fully maintained operating lease repayment schedules

For our fully maintained operating lease you make monthly repayments on the lease.

Non maintained operating lease

A non-maintaned operating lease hands you more control, letting you budget for your own repairs and maintenance. This enables you to use your cash flow to increase revenue without the expense of a fully maintained operating lease.

Why use a non maintained operating lease?

You control the maintenance and repairs of the fleet. So you can pour resulting cash flow savings into daily operations.

What assets can be leased in a non maintained operating lease?

A non-maintained operating lease is great for commercial vehicles. You can put a non-maintained operating lease to work on both light and heavy vehicles. Vans and other motor vehicles can be encompassed too. Just bear in mind the vehicle assets should be worth at least $10,000 at the time of signing the operating lease contracts.

Operating lease rates

We tailor our operating lease contracts to meet your needs and circumstances. So call us today for an obligation-free quote.

Operating lease term

Our non-maintained operating lease agreements are from 1 to 5 years. These can be extended at the end of the lease term though.

Non maintained operating lease repayment schedules

As with a fully maintained operating lease, a non-maintained operating lease can be leased over a period of 1 to 5 years.

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