How It Works

Natloans saves you time, cost and hassle in sourcing the best finance deals. We give you a truly end-to-end loan solution from your first enquiry to settlement. But how do we do it? Here is a brief overview of how Natloans works for you.

Sound simple, supportive and seamless? It is. Speak to Natloans today and enlist specialist help to secure your ‘best fit’ finance. Or why not browse our comprehensive FAQ section which answers hosts of common borrower questions.

1. Define

We begin by defining your specific needs and precise borrowing capacity. That’s why we are committed to fully understanding your loan goals and individual circumstances. You can provide us with such key information through our handy online quick quote. Alternatively you can arrange a personal meeting with one of our expert loan brokers. Or you can just call us to discuss.

2. Compare

Once we know precisely what you are working with we set about sourcing your best loan solution. Natloans works with a vast panel of top Australian lenders and products. So we distribute your borrowing requirements to relevant lenders within our networks to determine available options. Our specialists shortlist your ideal loan solutions and present these to you. Rest assured Natloans presents authentic unbiased loan options too. We are 100 percent independent with no professional affiliations to specific lenders. So we work on your behalf to pinpoint your ideal loan.

3. Advise

Natloans presents you with what we consider to be the best loan solution. So while we provide expert recommendations as to what we consider to be your most compatible loan option – the final decision is always yours. But you are not alone in your decision-making. You will have full access to all our market knowledge and expertise.

4. Negotiate

Pinpointing the right loan is a crucial first step. But there is plenty more to do – and Natloans’ experts do all the intensive legwork for you. We negotiate with lenders on your behalf to secure rates and repayment plans that fit your budget. We will even work with your accountant to source tax returns and supporting financial data required for your loan approval.

5. Structure

At Natloans your finance is a ‘custom build’. That means our specialists structure your loan to match your unique needs. We ensure everything from loan term, repayment frequency and finance type fit seamlessly into your budget, business and lifestyle. Often this will include talking you through <a title=”Comparison rates” href=””>comparison rates</a> which helps you identify the true cost of your loan. So you can clinch the assets you want while enjoying superior financial flexibility and savings.

6. Insure

Your loan is a means to an end – the acquisition of a new asset. So Natloans makes it easy to protect yourself and your investment. We limit your liability through customised Australian insurance solutions.

7. Sign up

At Natloans we are with you from beginning to end. So all you have to do is tell us your requirements and sign up for your expertly individualised loan. And you don’t even have to do that alone. We will even step you through contract sign-up – if you need us too.


Natloans Guarantees - "Customer Comes First"

Our Response Guarantee:

We are committed to delivering tailored solutions in a timely manner! To further show our commitment, we promise to respond to your enquiry within 60 minutes during business hours (AEST) or you will receive $100 off your next loan with us.

Our Price Guarantee:

We are serious about offering you the best deal! To further show our commitment, we guarantee that if you provide a cheaper written quote, we will match or beat this!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

In the unlikely event that you have any cause for dissatisfaction with the service provided by Natloans during your loan experience, please call us within seven days of settlement. We will happily rectify any service problems absolutely free of charge.

Of course, we also love hearing your positive feedback. Your comments are always welcome by telephone or to our website. Remember, our goal is to make your life easier.