Truck insurance keeps your finances roadworthy

Nov 19

You wouldn’t hit the road in your rig with an empty petrol tank. So why run your financial liabilities on empty? Without comprehensive truck insurance that is exactly what you are doing. Your truck demands meticulous maintenance to operate safely and at full throttle. Likewise your finances need the right fuel to remain in tip top condition. And truck insurance is the good oil in protecting your income stability.

Steer round the unexpected with truck insurance

Chances are you and your truck will enjoy a smooth easy road as you go about business. Yet the unexpected could jackknife your financial security in an instant. You share the road with many other vehicles and drivers. Even off the road, your truck experiences some level of exposure. So truck insurance lets you drive easy knowing that you have unforeseen, even unlikely, events covered. The alternative? If your truck sustains or causes damage, you could be held financially responsible. That means debt, hardship and straitened cash flow – all detrimental to your business endeavours.

There are many truck insurance options for you to choose from, including:

  • Full comprehensive truck insurance : end to end cover against loss, damage or accidental damage to another’s property caused by your truck
  • Third party fire and theft insurance: souped up cover against vandalism, theft or engine failure fire
  • Third party insurance : basic cover against compensation demands for accidental damage caused to by your truck to another’s property
  • Shortfall or ‘gap’ insurance : financial cover in the event your truck becomes a ‘write off’ leaving a consequent shortfall on your truck loan balance
  • Loan protection insurance : ensures you don’t default on your truck loan repayments should you pass away or experience changes in your health or employment status
  • Cash benefit insurance: covers your costs of replacing a written off truck should your insurance payout fall short
  • Extended warranty insurance: should unforeseen mechanical breakdown strike any insured part of your truck, this solution covers associated repair costs

Tee up top notch truck insurance

You just want to get on with business. And while insurance sounds important you’re not sure where to start. There is an easy road. Work with a trusted broker like Natloans who place some of Australia’s top truck insurance solutions at your fingertips. Natloans assesses your truck insurance needs on an individual basis. So you will never get a one size fits all approach and certainly will not end up paying for unnecessary cover. Instead you will drive a direct route to optimum insurance protection for yourself and your truck. Road transport without risk – now that is what true trucking is all about.

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