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Our Beginnings

Natloans began as Vic Car Loans in 2000, operating from a tiny office in a used car yard in Moorabbin, Victoria. Under the leadership of our founder, Tony Saccasan, it went from a small, nondescript, regional brokerage to a continent-wide operation. Now, under the leadership of Maria Nebotakis, Natloans has ranked as the top performing firm in the entire country under AFG, recognised as ‘Personal Loan Writer of the Year’ for 2017-2020, 2022 and 2023, as well as ‘Vehicle and Equipment Loan Writer of the Year’ through 2009-2016.

What motivated her in building up this business was her belief in the need for transparency in brokerages, for clients to be able to connect and depend upon lenders, and her belief that loan solutions should be tailored to client’s needs, rather than clients being expected to contort into their mould.

Her beliefs and guidance shapes the policy and function of Natloans to this very day, and is always borne in the mind’s of our professional and passionate team of brokers, loan writers, and insurance professionals.

Our Team

Our team here at Natloans is a devoted group of professionals from all different ages, and backgrounds who specialise in tailoring, writing, and approving loans fitted especially for our individual customers and their individual needs. The team is friendly, knowledgable and always happy to help you find exactly what it is you need, whether that be finance, insurance, or a solution; you can count on the staff here at Natloans.

Our Operation

We operate here at Natloans on the principle of offering a service to both individuals and businesses. As such, our team will go out of our way to serve you and create fast and affordable solutions that fit your needs and desires.

As well as our team of professionals and two decades of industry experience, Natloans is equipped with access to our continent-wide network of over fifty lenders, with whom we share longstanding, close and friendly relations, which give us access to the best and fairest deals in Australasia, a privilege which we, as your broker, want to hand down to you.

Our Promise

Since our foundation in 2000 we’ve strived for excellence, honesty and fairness – and we sure won’t be stopping any time soon! Whether you want a new family car or a honeymoon holiday, a new boat or a boost for your business, insurance or home renovations; Natloans is here to help you!