Licenses and Compliance

Compliance management is crucial to delivering premium finance solutions. So you need a finance broker that knows and fulfills its compliance obligations inside out. At Natloans, thorough compliance is fundamental to how we do business every day. We apply meticulous rigor to ensure we satisfy all industry compliance requirements spanning:

  • Corporate governance
  • Legislation
  • Regulations

Regular audits are carried out on our internal policies and processes to ensure up-to-the-minute compliance. We also make continued professional development one of our service vanguards. So our finance experts are always thoroughly skilled and versed in both current and emerging compliance obligations. This means that every Natloans finance solution is both individually tailored and scrupulously compliant.


Australian Credit Licence assurance

Ruthlessly responsible lending is demanded under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. This Act imposes more stringent regulations on businesses providing credit services to consumers seeking finance. Every such business must hold an Australian Credit Licence. Natloans is committed to unerring:

  • Legislative diligence
  • Thorough accountability
  • Professional integrity

We hold a current Australian Credit Licence (386297) issued and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Corporation (ASIC). So our clients have full assurance that our credit assistance services are independently regulated. Yet we do not rest on our Australian Credit Licence alone. We ensure that each of our loan writers is a registered credit professional. We are also accredited member of the FBAA and MFAA and hold membership to the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited.


Earning consumer trust

Entrusting your source of finance to a broker demands utmost trust and confidence. At Natloans we take our responsibility to earn this seriously. That is why we provide a comprehensive framework of client assurances including:

  • Complaints Resolution Process
  • Service guarantee
  • Privacy policy