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January Plated Run-Outs

Plated Run-Outs — What Are They? Plated run-outs are a period of sales in which cars tend to sell for particularly low prices, at the beginning of the year. Key points to keep in mind about them are as follows: […]

Leisure Loans and How They Work

What is a Leisure Loan? Leisure loans will cover you for the purchase of bikes, boats, jet skis, caravans, and other such assets. They are a category of loan wherein one is granted possession of an asset classified as a […]

The Truth About ‘Zero Percent Finance’

What’s The Deal? “Zero Percent Finance”. Sounds amazing, right? Right; and that’s because it’s supposed to. The deal with ‘zero percent finance’, or ‘zero percent interest rates’ is basically that from any particular automotive company, or car dealership, one will […]

How Can I Get A Loan Pre-Approval?

What’s Is A Loan Pre-Approval? Basically, this means that a lender will have confirmed your eligibility for a loan, as well the general boundaries and size of the loan in question WITHOUT having given you the final approval yet. These […]

Investment; Houses vs. Units/Apartments

So, you’re an aspiring property investor. Where to start? is it best, for the sake of investment, to purchase a house, or a unit/apartment? In this article, the pros and cons of each will be examined in as objective a […]

Get On A New Bike This Year

Get On A New Motorbike This Year The roaring twenties are just around the corner! Interest rates are low, hopes are high, and altogether; there’s no better way to kick off the new decade than by getting your hands on […]

Investment; Private Vs. Commercial Property

The First Distinction Right off the bat, let’s discuss the functional difference in the two property investment types. Commercial properties are properties in which commerce is supposed to go underway, hence, they are meant for the use of a business, […]

How To Win At Auction

How to win at auction. It’s a stumping question. Many an aspiring property owner has found themselves withdrawing from their first auction feeling timid, shattered, and disappointed as the process at which they thought they were sure to excel ended […]

Get Into A New Boat This Spring!

Get Into A New Boat This Spring Introduction The real Australia is, above all else; a nation defined by its shores and beaches. All of our great country’s major cities sit hereupon, and amongst its nearly 25 million citizens hardly […]

Typical Interest Rates For Business Loans

When speaking of business loans, and the interest rates accompanying therewith, it must be understood first that depending on the specific type of business loan, the cost and interest rate is sure to differ. The interest rate upon a business […]

How To Fund Getting Married

Fund Getting Married You’re finally ready. You’ve met the perfect person and you’re ready to tie the knot and spend the rest of your years together. Congratulations! Now it’s time to make arrangements for the big day! But, whether it’s […]

Buying Off The Plan

Buying Off The Plan What Is This? In brief terms, ‘buying off the plan’ refers to the practice of signing a contract with a developer, which purchases a property that has not yet been built, but rather, is being planned [...]

Buying Privately, or Through a Dealer?

When it comes to cars, the question is age-old; to buying privately, or through a dealer? There are a number of decidedly complex pros and cons to both options, the building multitude of which can be confusing, frustrating and paralysing […]

Upgrading your trucks and vans

          Whether you want a more powerful engine, sturdier tyres, better mud flaps, or anything in between, there is a plethora of ways you can upgrade your ute or van and take it from ‘good’ to ‘great’, by a very large [...]

Line of Credit

What is it?           Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were in an emergency and couldn't afford to dig your way out? What if a storm knocked out your kitchen windows? Or if you needed to [...]

Are You Eligible For A First Home Buyer’s Grant?

Are You Eligible For A First Home Buyer’s Grant?           Buying your first home is one of the most exciting — and expensive — milestones of your entire life. Lucky for the aspiring property-buyer, since 2000 the federal government has introduced [...]

Looking to do home renovations

Looking To Do Home Renovations?           How many times has it been that you’ve banged your head on that ridiculous low-hanging cupboard in the kitchen? And how much has your partner hinted about needing a new bedroom for the kids? And [...]