Loan Refinancing

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So How Does Refinancing Work?

Essentially just like home loan refinancing. When you refinance your car, boat, bike, truck or equipment, the old loan is paid out in full and is replaced by the new loan, so you start enjoying the benefits of lower repayments immediately.

Am I Am Eligible For Loan Refinancing?

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff can expertly assess your circumstances to determine eligibility. But we do much more than that, for example, we also do the loan shopping for you using our specialist knowledge to pinpoint the best options, we offer a wide range of loan products from banks and other lenders so that we can be certain to find you a better loan solution. It’s that simple. Call Natloans today or apply online – it’s the first step to saving thousands.

Features Of Loan Refinancing

You likely knew you could refinance your home loan. But did you know that it is also possible to refinance your car, boat, bike, truck and equipment? You could take advantage of loan refinancing if you:

  •   Have a high interest loan (maybe you got poor quality finance from the car dealer or the bank charged you a very high interest rate)
  •   Have ‘bad credit’ finance because you were new to Australia or forgot to pay off your credit card. Maybe you simply missed some repayments or perhaps you’ve been bankrupt. Sometimes you will just have been plain unlucky with your finances
  •   Just want to restructure or consolidate your current loan(s) to better suit your budget

Refinancing may be a wise decision: it could potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest payments, fees and charges.