Sale and Leaseback

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What Is A Sale-And-Leaseback?

Sometimes in business you may find yourself rich in capital but poor in cash. When in need of a cash injection, a sale and leaseback is the solution for you. You can sell an asset of yours to one of our lenders, who will immediately lease it back to your business for usage as per normal, providing your business with a massive cash injection whilst not depriving you the use of the asset which you sold.

This is particularly handy when struggling with upkeep which requires cash transfers, such as wages or taxes.

What Are The Benefits of A Sale-And-Leaseback?

  •   Cash in your bank
  •   Clear your balance sheet
  •   Monthly repayments
  •   No residual
  •   Non-homeowners considered
  •   Bad credit history is not a problem
  •   Tax deductibility

What Assets Can Be Used In A Sale-And-Leaseback?

  •   Trucks
  •   Buses
  •   Machinery and/or equipment including:

Farm equipment
Agricultural equipment
Construction equipment
✓ Heavy and light commercial vehicles and equipment