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Getting Your Bike Protected

Did you know what despite making up only 5.7% of roadworthy vehicles in Australia, motorbikes account for more than 20% of yearly road accidents? As fun and exciting as it can be to ride a motorbike, it’s very important to make sure that you do so safely, and part of that safety is the safety of your financial standing in relation to the motorbike. This might mean having coverage for damages sustained to the bike itself, or having an insurance plan in place to pay off your motorbike loan if you should be injured and become unable to pay therefore. No matter what the reason or situation, Natloans has you covered.

Customised Insurance That Won’t Break the Bank

Natloans prides itself on its ability to tailor affordable insurance to customers, that comes without costly, unnecessary extras. That means protection for yourself, your financial situation, and your peace of mind, without breaking the bank. Natloans can connect you to a range of insurance plans covering:

  •   Full comprehensive motorbike insurance — Absolute protection if you have an accident no matter who’s at fault, as well as cover against theft.
  •   Shortfall or ‘gap’ insurance — Bridge any gap between your outstanding motorcycle loan and insurance payout should your bike be written off.
  •   Loan protection insurance — Have your bike loan repayments covered should you experience changes in your health, job status or in the event of your passing.

So, for good safety, good finance, and good peace of mind; call a Natloans insurance professional today.