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Keeping Afloat With Natloans

A captain’s bank account doesn’t have to go down with his ship! Dramatics aside, the fact of the matter is that a boat is an expensive asset, and damage thereto can be extremely costly, which is where boat insurance comes into the picture. Natloans has you and your boat covered on a range of insurance options that can cover damages caused to or by your boat, while saving you time, money, and strife on top.

Smooth Sailing With Natloans

A boat is a large and significant asset, and so Natloans offers you protection to match. Our marine insurance networks span continent-wide, allowing you access to boat coverage from any port in Australia.

Natloans is ready to do the hard work of customising and tailoring an insurance plan that completely protects you and your asset, whilst also insuring that your plan isn’t bogged down by unnecessary and expensive accessories. That means you can rest easy knowing that the safety of your boat and finance is in the hands of experts.

Whatever your boat insurance needs Natloans has you covered with:

  •   Full comprehensive marine insurance — Total cover against loss, damage or accidental damage to another’s property caused by your boat.
  •   Shortfall or ‘gap’ insurance — Financial protection should your boat be written off leaving a shortfall on your outstanding marine finance.
  •   Loan protection insurance — Help to meet your boat loan repayments should you experience changes in your health, employment status or in the event of your passing.