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Covering Your Car

When it comes to car accidents, most of us have the “It could never happen to me” mentality. In reality, however, car accidents cost up to $27 Billion worth of damages every single year in Australia, and are especially prevalent in crowded major cities and urban areas, where they affect the lives of multiple tens of thousands of us, once again on a yearly basis.

Luckily, Natloans has you covered. Our broad and comprehensive range of car insurance policies and providers can insure that your vehicle get the protection it needs, in order to safeguard your livelihood, finance, and family.

Protection Beyond Compare

Car insurance doesn’t have to be complicated when you’re with Natloans. Our team of insurance professionals will listen to your every need and specification and tailor and insurance plan that fits you, before putting you in the hands of one of our much trusted insurance providers. This means no unnecessary costs of coverage, whilst being secure in knowing you, your car and your family are totally protected under insurance. Our repertoire includes:

  •  Full comprehensive vehicle auto insurance — Cover against loss, damage or accidental damage to another’s property caused by your car.
  •  Shortfall or ‘gap’ insurance — If you car is written off whilst your still paying off your loan, your insurer will cover the costs for you.
  •  Loan protection insurance — Assistance to meet your auto loan repayments should you experience changes in your health, employment status or in the event of your passing
  •  Extended warranty insurance — Covers associated repair cost should any insured part of your auto vehicle suffer unforeseen mechanical breakdown.