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Insurance to Keep You on The Road

Could you afford to spend weeks, or perhaps even months awaiting repairs if your family car broke down? Would you be happy to pay up for damages that weren’t even your fault? if the answer to both of those questions is “no’, then extended warranty insurance is just the thing for you.

This coverage is essentially protection from mechanical breakdown. It is a promise from your insurer to pay off the cost of reparations if unforeseen damage should come to covered parts of your vehicle, so long as it is within the warranty period, and premium has been paid.

Extended Warranty is Not a Repair and Maintenance Plan

As great as it sounds, there are few facts you need to be sure of before you purchase Extended Warranty insurance.

Firstly, the cover is provided by your insure and not the manufacturer of your car, or the dealer who sold it to you. The warranty only commences when the car’s manufacturer’s warranty, or the dealer’s statutory warranty expires. In most cases, the Extended Warranty will cover the same factors is the original warranties provided by the dealers and manufacturers.

Essentially, extended warranty insurance allows you to continue the honeymoon of warranty benefits and financial security.