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Your New Caravan

Maybe you’re finally ready to make that trip around the country with your partner. Maybe you want to take your kids on an unforgettable camping trip. Maybe you want to pack up your life in the city and set out for a simpler life in the countryside! Whatever your motive may be, Natloans is here to help secure your new caravan. Our vast network will connect you with Australia’s best motorhome lenders, whilst our expert team is ready and waiting to find you the best and fairest deals on your new motorhome, whether you’re looking to buy from a dealer, or privately.

Our loan solutions cover your finance and insurance needs for:

  •   Caravans
  •   Trailers
  •   Campervans

What Natloans Will Do For You

Our team of brokers will listen and take note of every last one of your needs and specifications on your new motorhome, and from there develop a loan solution tailored specifically to you and your circumstances. We’ll then consult our continent-wide network of lenders and retrieve for you the deal with the fairest interest rates, most flexible loan terms, and most affordable price on the market, whether you’re seeking a:

  •  Secured caravan loan
  •  Unsecured caravan loan, or
  •  Personal loan

We can also finance your motorhome’s insurance needs, take out the residual cost, and cover the financing of any additional parts and equipment required for the function of your new caravan. Even with little or no deposit, Natloans can promise you:

  •   Competitive interest rates
  •   Zero monthly fees or penalties on additional loan repayments
  •   Upfront cost transparency with fixed rates and repayments
  •   Flexible loan terms up to 7 years
  •   Finance availability for dealership or private purchases
  •   Lending for new or used vehicles with advice on associated rate implications
  •   Balloon payment option to lower monthly repayments
  •   Comprehensive insurance for watertight protection

Whatever your dream is, Natloans is ready to make it come true.