How To Fund Getting Married

Fund Getting Married

You’re finally ready. You’ve met the perfect person and you’re ready to tie the knot and spend the rest of your years together. Congratulations! Now it’s time to make arrangements for the big day! But, whether it’s a white wedding in wonderland or a simple sea-side ceremony, perfection is almost never cheap. So, how can you afford to make the perfect day truly perfect without having to worry about dealing with the aftereffects of its throwing?

First, Let’s Discuss The Engagement Ring

This, proportionate to its size, is probably going to be the most expensive part of any betrothal. The average person will spend $6,000 on a diamond ring, with some even going as high as $10,000, and the upper end rings, depending on the gem and the fitting, even costing as much as $40,000! The general advice is to spend two month’s salary on an engagement ring, although nowadays this rule of thumb is beginning to faze out.

If one cannot afford an engagement ring of this price due to financial obligations and situations, but is still very much keen to purchase one for their bride-to-be, an immediate recommendation would be to consult with a loan writer to try for a personal loan, which would come under the ‘Wedding’ category. This would allow one to get the money needed to purchase their desired ring, whilst paying off the loan in the long term, making possible what was previously perhaps unthinkable.

A second piece of advice may be to consider a non-diamond ring. Most women will still want a diamond, but certainly not all do, and indeed, as time has marched on from the height of the campaigns of the DeBeere monopoly, more and more folk have found themselves free from the spellbinding notion that “only diamonds are forever”. Therefore, there’s certainly no harm in choosing a different gem for your engagement ring, and indeed, to do so is in many ways better than not, as it adds a certain uniqueness, care and thoughtfulness to the decision surrounding your engagement. Perhaps buying a ring encrusted with your partner’s birthstone could be an option, or one unique in some way to you and your partner’s history or person, for example; if your bride-to-be is Italian, to buy her a ring of Red Coral (Italy’s national gemstone) could be a bright idea. Doing research into the meanings of different gems can therefore go a long way in ensuring that the one which you choose could make the ring not only a lot less costly, but also a lot more special and meaningful to you, and your future spouse.

Even so, if one finds themselves overwhelmed by the costs of the ring still, the option of a personal loan, or wedding loan is always on the table, and much recommended by many.

The Honeymoon

Now that we’ve covered the before, it’s time to discuss the ongoings after the wedding. Marriage is a wonderful milestone well worth celebrating long after the fact, and a honeymoon is the perfect way to go about it! Of course, the cost thereof will vary depending on whether a couple decides to travel abroad or remain domestic, and also upon the length of the honeymoon itself, but all thing considered, in most cases, a couple will choose to go all out for celebration’s sake. For example, one wouldn’t think it fitting to spend your first month of matrimony under the roof of a two-star hotel, would you? Accomodation, in combination with living costs, travel costs and other expenses can rack up a sizeable bill, with most honeymoons ranging between the cost of $5,000 to $10,000.

Now, how can this price be tackled? There are several ways in which it can be gone about, both of which through means of a personal loan solution. Firstly, one can take out a loan under the umbrella of it being a travel loan, if indeed it is the case that one chooses to go travelling. The average travel for which you could be approved is more than enough to cover the cost of a honeymoon of the scale previously mentioned. Secondly, one could also fund their honeymoon by way of a personal loan under the umbrella of a ‘Wedding’ loan. This loan could be seperate to that which covers the ring and the ceremony, or it could be conjoined therewith.

Either way, it must be known by the married-to-be that despite the seemingly daunting cost, it is perfectly possible to cover the costs and win the perfect honeymoon for them and their beloved, through means of finance and loans.

Now, For The Wedding Itself

As previously mentioned, the wedding ceremony can be an extremely expensive (though not to say not worthwhile!) process. When one accounts for the price of venue, catering, entertainment, photography, and off course; the dress, as well as all the other factors, the cost of a wedding may tally well into the tens of thousands. Not to worry though, as there are several solutions to help alleviate the cost of planning your special day.

Firstly, parents and grandparents are often more than happy to chip in to the cost of the wedding, which may serve to alleviate the cost somewhat. Secondly, by creating a plan for saving up money, one may find themselves not needing any help at all!

But in all likelihood, one will not be able to save up enough to afford the cost of their perfect wedding without feeling the financial sting, and frankly, they may feel it untoward to be asking for too large a hand out from their and their spouse’s family, so what then? As previously mentioned, wedding loan or personal loan can be a brilliant solution to help cover the costs of your betrothal, with all things accounted for then and there, and the cost only needing to be tended to very gradually and easily later on.

Natloans has a team of experienced staff who have, over the course of the last two decades, written thousands of personal loans and very many wedding loans to assist people such as yourself to make their special day all the more, stressless, harmonious and perfect! So if you’re looking for financial help in affording your wedding, call Natloans today! Your wedding day only comes once, so why hold back from making it the day that you’ll never forget?

Fund Getting Married You’re finally ready. You’ve met the perfect person and you’re ready to tie the knot and spend the rest of your years together. Congratulations! Now it’s time to make arrangements for the big day! But, whether it’s […]