Protection for your Property

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset — You!

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Protection for you and your property

When reviewing your current loan or considering a new loan, it is really important to consider protecting your most important asset – you.

A number of Australians are underinsured and fail to plan to ensure that have adequate protection for themselves and their family in the event of sickness, injury or death.

It is a topic that many people find hard to discuss, but it is important to think about this particularly when taking out a loan.

We can introduce you to a financial planner and risk adviser that we have a professional referral relationship with who can give you advice on your protection insurance.

If you do not wish to speak to our business partner, we strongly recommend you seek your own independent advice to ensure you are suitably protected.

When you are taking out a loan or buying a property it is also crucial that you also assess your property insurance needs and ensure that you have adequate cover. Furthermore, if buying a property be sure to take out insurance as soon as after signing the contract as possible.