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Get Your New Car Without Breaking The Bank

Not all car loans are created equal. As the winner of the ‘AFG Vehicle and Equipment Loan Writer of the Year’ every year running through 2009-2016, we take this truth to be self-evident. Our expert team is ready and waiting to design your personally specified loan, which will allow you to immediately enjoy all the benefits of car ownership without crippling your bank account. With our team taking care of your finance and insurance needs you’ll be guaranteed the best possible price, whilst spreading repayments affordably across your car loan term.

Finding the right financing for your vehicle depends upon our ability to personalise your package. With this ability in abundance, Natloans offers a plenitude of flexible car loans categories to match your needs, including:

  •  Secured car loans
  •  Unsecured car financing
  •  Novated lease

Natloans can provide you with access to our continent-wide network of car dealers with whom we enjoy a long and cordial partnership, thus allowing us (and you!) to access to significant discounts on new and near-new cars.

Financing Your Freedom

Financing car loans is a big business. Jumping through all the hoops of car loan products, repayment options, and rates can be a long slog and a doozy of a job, but Natloans can put your application into the fast lane and get the hard work done for you. We take the leg work out of car loans with:

  •  Fast conditional car loan approval for cash buyer bargaining power
  •  Cost certainty with fixed car loan rates and repayments throughout your financing term
  •  Competitive interest rates from 6.89%PA* (Comparison rate 6.89%PA*) without compromising your overall car loan terms
  •  Freedom to make extra car loan repayments with no attached penalties
  •  Flexible loan terms up to 7 years
  •  Residuals availability to lower monthly loan repayments on your car

More, you can fast-track an approval even faster by using our Online Loan Application.

Complete Car Loan Financing And Protection

Acquiring your car is just the first step in your ownership journey. You never know what is around the next bend, so Natloans protects your financial position and car loan commitments with client-specific insurance cover. Our independent relationships with major Australian car insurers means we negotiate top terms on your behalf, while expertly ensuring you have the right level of cover for yourself and your car.